I Am Trying to Show You My Matchbook Collection is a singular narrative told in a series of hybrid poems that approach a finite memory with an “infinity” of perspectives. The narrative targets a summer day, June 9, 2012, poolside, at Alison Deming’s house in the Catalina foothills. When I think back to this day in Tucson, it’s emblematic of a whole summer. Ordinary events are promoted to extraordinary because a part of me decided this wasn’t just a summer day, but the summer day. The project, therefore, seeks to include as many details as possible, vis-a-vis a prism of memory, in order to dilate the time and space in which they occur, and to render a portrait with the highest resolution possible.

For more information about the chapbook, an interview with Heather Jurva, of CutBank, can be read on CutBank’s website.


Grant Miller reviewed my book on Portland Book Review’s website. He says, “The highs and the lows of Francis’s chapbook work together like a good song. Flashes of ah-ha moments strike the reader like a mid-summer lightning storm, briefly illuminating some truth that lies deeper than the effervescent surface of swimming pools, nipple rings, and Chick-fil-A sandwiches.”

[[Journals]] [p, f, cnf]

Berkeley Poetry Review (Issue 47) – “Monsoon Season” and “This Poem Is Not About a Folk Song” [p]

Cathexis Northwest Press (January 2020) – “Concentrate and Ask Again,” “Someone is Watching the Microphone,” and “I’m Bad Too” [p]

Cimarron Review (Issue 192) – “How It Begins” and “Daytime Responsible” [p]

CutBank (Issue 77) – “What You Let” [p]

Columbia Poetry Review (Issue 31) – “I Am Going to See a Mass of Cells” and “So Much” [p]

Greensboro Review (Issue 98) – “When My Head Hangs Too Low” [p]

Harpur Palate (forthcoming) – “Daughter as Disguise” [p]

Lindenwood Review (Issue 8) – “More Chance for Disappointment” and “Less Chance for Disappointment” [p]

Lunch Ticket (Issue 14) – “O’er the Fields” [cnf]

The Penn Review (No. 52) – “When I’ve Run Out of Coffee and/or First Person Plural” [p]

Portland Review (Web) – “A Fresh Start Will Put You On Your Way” [p]

Prick of the Spindle (Issue 9) – “This Poem Is About a Folk Song” [p]

TAMMY (Issue 9) – “To Be Sober Is To Be Sober” [p]

Terrain.org (Web) – “Proving Grounds: An Exquisite Corpse From the Nevada National Security Site” [cnf]

Timber Journal (Volume 5) – “Meeting a Tree During My Insomniac Phase” [p]

Willow Springs (Issue 77 ) – “When We’ve Run Out of Money and/or Whiskey” [p]

Zone 3 (Spring 2019) – “The Title of this Poem is Brothers” [p]


“When My Head Hangs Too Low” and “Daytime Responsible” reprinted by Four Chambers Press for The Narrow Chimney Reader (Volume 2)

“Blueprint — Front w/Mountain View,” “I Am Going Too Long in Wet Clothes in Order to Remember,” and “I Have Known a Word of Concern Such as Inflamed” were audio recorded for the Telepoem Booth and reprinted in the Telepoem Book (Volume I)


“Ghouls Night Out,” co-written with Lawrence Lenhart, was staged at the Doris Harper-White Theatre in Flagstaff, Arizona (October 25, 2018).

“This Poem Is About a Folk Song,” originally published by Prick of the Spindle (Issue 9), was staged in collaboration with Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase as part of the Flagstaff Visitor Center Train Day (May 19, 2018).

“We Both Go Down Together,” co-written with Lawrence Lenhart, was staged at the Doris Harper-White Theatre in Flagstaff, Arizona (October 26, 2017).

[[Views]] Inter- Re-

DIAGRAM (May 2016)
on Sarah Bartlett’s Sometimes We Walk With Our Nails Out (Subito, 2016) 

DIAGRAM (November 2015)
on Annie Guthrie’s The Good Dark (Tupelo Press, 2015) 

DIAGRAM (September 2015)
on Christopher DeWeese’s The Father of the Arrow is the Thought (Octopus Books, 2015)

DIAGRAM (March 2015)
on Melanie Jordan’s Hallelujah for the Ghosties (Sundress Publications, 2014)

The Volta  (February 2013)
with Shane McCrae

The Volta Blog ( July 2012)
on Sarah Vap’s Arco Iris (Saturnalia Books, 2012)

The Volta Blog ( June 2012)
on Ethan Paquin’s Cloud vs. Cloud (Ahsahta Press, 2013)


Fairy Tale Review (November 2016)
“Fairy Tale Files: The Enchanted Quill”

Fairy Tale Review (May 2016)
“Fairy Tale Files: Princess Moonlight”

Poetry Flash (May 2012)
“Poetry Off the Page”

Matador Network (December 2011)
“Where to Toast the New Year in San Francisco”

Matador Network (November 2011)
“Meal Surreal: Evil Feng Shui Grips Gastro-Pub” 


Ghost Peach Press Prize Finalist (2020) for A Fresh Start Will Put You On Your Way

Akron Poetry Prize SemiFinalist (2019) for A Fresh Start Will Put You On Your Way

Best New Poets nomination (2020) for “When I’ve Run Out of Coffee and/or First-Person Plural” from The Penn Review

Best of the Net nomination (2019) for “When I’ve Run Out of Coffee and/or First-Person Plural” from The Penn Review

Centrum’s The Port Townsend Writers’ Conference Fellowship (2013) (poetry workshop w/Terrance Hayes)

CutBank’s Patricia Goedicke Prize in Poetry Finalist (2012)